Rae Morris

(2019) Jishaku Brush 9.1: Pencil Point Shader


Gabby L.
Excellent, truly a must have

I love, love, love this brush!!!!! It’s the tiniest most precise pencil brush!!!! It’s white goat hair makes it versatile enough to be used with both cream and powder products. You can use it with a tiny bit of concealer and really perfect your makeup. This is also excellent for smudging shadow under the eyes and it’s excellent for small eyes!! One of my favorite ways to use this is with a tiny bit of highlighter and put a small dot on the top of my nose. What this does is visually lift my tip slightly and makes the tip look a little bit pointier and not so bulbous. Because the head of the brush is so small it deposits the color so precisely that it’s hard to detect but the difference it makes to my nose is remarkable

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