Intense Cuticle Repair Formula

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KrizzTina M.
Worth The Buy!

I recently got this from my local Ulta because I had recently discovered that creams are just as great, if not better, for my cuticles as oils are. So when I saw the price I was very unsure, because I'm more of a bargain girl, but i found out its worth once I got home. I realized that I really dont even need a little scoop of this stuff, barely nothing goes a long way. It smells very fresh, like the ingredients listed on the packaging (which is also very feminine and lovely to gaze at). I like to put it on at night, so it doesn't get washed off during the day, because I really want it to sink in and work on my cuticles and it pays off! Even after washing my hands, face, running products through my hair, and washing my hands again in the morning doesn't dry out my cuticles anymore. So try it out! and if you want a more thorough review visit my blog http://www.krizztinatalks.blogspot.com