Repairing Treatment


Ashley S.

I love all the proactive products!! they work amazing on my skin!! its easy to use, doesnt irritate my skin at all, and i think it has a pretty nice smell as well. Some products almost seem to suffocate me with all the weird smells they can have. I would recommend proactive to anyone and everyone!!!

Nikki R.
A must have

Never really had a problem with acne, but when I did get pimples they were those huge swollen under the skin monsters that felt like half my face was swollen from it. This has gotten rid of them entirely. I fell upon it by chance but watching a youtube guru and he mentioned using this lotion. What a life saver, I can't use salicylic acid, too harsh. This is perfect, not to heavy or greasy. Can be a little drying, so I don't use it around my eyes.

Ashley A.
This is my new love<3

My skin feels so soft after using this moisturizer! i love it. Its light, but not too light. Its great for in the evening and the day! A definate repurchase.

Lauren H.
Love Proactiv

i really need to buy some more proactiv! I like the Repairing lotion and it moisturizes and balanced my skin. Although when you buy it in the three pack the Cleanser and Toner seem to go much faster than lotion... therefore your left with a bunch more.

Simone W.
Will fade your linens!!!!!!

I wish I knew that before putting this on before bed. I ruined so many pillow cases and towels! So I'm not even sure how effectively it works because I only use it in the day. I'm going to get some white pillow cases and towels and try again. Boooo!