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My Blackest Lashes Intense Black Volume Mascara

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Alana R.
Adds length AND volume

This is my favorite drugstore mascara. It adds length AND volume....I find that most mascaras are really good at doing one or the other but this does a great job at both. It doesn't flake either which is important to me. It is a very pigmented black color just as the name suggests. The price is unbeatable. My go to drugstore mascara for sure.

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Minjee Y.
blacket lashes ever

Oh man I am in love with this mascara. It's true that it'll give you the blackest lashes you've ever had. I'm just so sad this mascara dried up on me. I'm not sure if it's discontinued or not but I purchased this online off of a website that sold weird brands I've never heard of including prestige. This also came with an eyeliner that was a black brown and it was a nice deep black/brown color.

This mascara never clumped my lashes and the formula was never too wet so it never weighed my lashes down ever. I really liked the fat tube and the big wand it came with.

Kamilla F.
makes my lashes dark and long!
Photo of product included with review by Kamilla F.

After just one coat of this mascara, my lashes look a lot darker, thicker and longer without too much clumping, without a spidery-lashes effect, and no flaking. It has a good consistency; not too runny nor dry. It makes lashes voluminous and long. It's very easy to use, and best of all, it is budget friendly.

It may not be for everyone, but I urge you to try before going for department store brands.

Alli Rose G.
I wish there was a waterproof formula!

This is a very intense black mascara! It really thickens my lashes without being horribly clumpy. I love the formula, and the standard brush isn't too big to use. It does however flake off very easily. I normally put my eye primer on my lashes with setting powder over them to prep my lashes. It helps a bit, but it really flakes throughout the day. I still love it though.

Saby T.
Gud but not the best

After using alot of Prestige products ,i think its a rly good brand and this mascara does lengthen my lashes ! But does not give the full lash effect which i like.

Eilla S.
Dark lashes

It add a bit of length but a bit of volume. It can get a bit clumpy. It does not smudge or flake but it isn't waterproof and it don't hold a curl. It is a true black mascara. I HATE the scent of this mascara. I came across mascara with the chemical scent but this is just way stronger and the scent just don't go away at all. It can cause my eyes to water if I have my contact lenses on. It is cheap but Prestige cosmetics are hard to find at the stores. I got mine on Amazon instead.