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My Biggest Lashes Big Lash Effect Mascara

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Fannie D.
I will not repurchase this mascara

Prestige's My Biggest Lashes mascara claims to thicken and lengthen to give you your biggest lashes ever. It features a huge fiber wand that catches and volumizes even the tiniest hairs. The mascara formulation is wet so that you can apply several coats to build up the volume and length. I got Black and the color is really dark and intense. Unfortunately this mascara does not come in waterproof.

I liked the gigantor brush. You have to be careful but it does a great job of picking up those tiny lashes in the corner. One thing I didn't like about the wand though is that it's really hard to scrape off the excess product from it. This mascara definitely pumps up the volume and length of my lashes. The intense black also gives my lashes that almost falsie look which is nice. I did not like that this mascara was not waterproof and I did notice a lot of smudging when using this. I also noticed that the formulation didn't hold my curl very well. Usually wet formulations would straighten my lashes, but this one just kind of weighed it down. So when i first apply it looks great but after a few minutes my lashes looks droopy. I would not recommend this mascara to anyone with naturally pin straight lashes, anyone with oily eyelids or skin, and anyone who hates big mascara wands. Oh and this mascara also doesn't define and separate my lashes very well either. It's not a total flop and is fairly cheap so if you're looking for a mascara that really volumizes and lengthens then give this one a try.

Simone D.

This is a very good mascara and I would recommend it. However they stopped selling it in Boots stores in the UK which is where I buy the majority of my make up.

Marilyn T.

by far the BEST volume mascara i've tried. it does not clump on my lashes, one thing i dont like is that its a little hard to find in my city. but its worth a shot if you see it at a store.. and its a bargain :)

Lauren H.
Prestige mascaras!!

They have really good mascaras!! It's the only thing i've used from them and also an eyeliner and I really really really love the mascaras. They go on great and don't clump or flake. They add length and volume! They're really a good splurge!