Prestige Cosmetics



Julianne J.
Don't have much of a need/use for it as I have new white shadows

I got this a while back when I wanted to try this brand and needed a white shadow for a look. It looked great over a white pencil in the tear duct area. Unfortunately, I haven't needed to use this as the white in the LORAC Pro Palette is what I reach for when I need a creamy, pigmented white. I didn't use this shadow alone so I'm not 100 percent its that pigmented without some kind of base but it was pretty good. I might go back to it to see how it compares to the Pro or theBalm's 'Nude 'Tude Palette as far as whites go, but it also seems like a great choice if I were to do a makeup swap. For those looking for a pretty good white eyeshadow I would say this is your best bet, especially if you don't have the funds to shell out for a more expensive alternative. I have a hankering the Pro palette's White and this white are one in the same.

Christina L.
Does the job

Nothing special, just your average drug store eye shadow. The pigmentation is pretty decent. I own a black one (can't remember the exact name) and I use it for eye shadow (obviously) and wet to line my eyes. Pretty decent quality.