Chromasilk Vivids

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Jorden B.

I colored my hair with the red and it was (and still is) extremely vivid. Red usually fades super fast, but I didn't have to retouch my hair until 5 weeks after I colored it. I' also used the blue and the purple, and I have to say that pravana has the best line of vivid haircolor.

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Brittany G.

As a colorist, I get bored so easily with my hair and being allergic to most colors, I'm very limited on what I can do! These are the best wild colors out there. They stay vivid for a very long time and don't fade quickly. But, if you have platinum blonde hair like me, be cautious when rinsing the first time as these tend to bleed. :)

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Alyssa D.

Love pravana vivids! I personally use the red, but I have also used other colors on clients I've had. It is PACKED with pigment and lasts a while! (I wash my hair every few days). It's like heaven in a bottle.. not harmful for your hair with a beautiful outcome! Not only is the product great, the price is even better. I purchase mine for 3.99 a tube, super cheap! I highly recommend Pravana Vivids to anyone who is looking to achieve a vibrant look! 5 stars and 2 thumbs up :)

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Natalie T.
Love the Silver

I've only used the Silver from the Chromasilk Vivids line. I really loved it, the texture made it easy to apply, which is not always the case with dyes I've used in tubes(without mixing with developer). The dye went a lot further than I thought it would. The color was very interesting. It made my hair a lovely, multidimensional, shiny grey/dark silver. I did put the silver on some platinum extensions(which were a slightly lighter base color than my own hair) and the dye turned them a beautiful ice blue! I loved that color as well, it was amazing, but unfortunately they didn't match.

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Angie A.
So bright!

I've used the purple, green, blue, and red. I used to have a dip dye with the green, and it was always SO vibrant and beautiful. Currently I wear a mixture of the red with another dye, and I have high hopes for it. These dyes don't fade quickly at all and it usually takes me about 2-3 weeks before I need to retouch if I shower every day (bad, I know, it's OCD), which is very impressive for an unnatural color. I strongly recommend it if you can get your hands on some!

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Lauren H.

Never used this on my hair, but I helped a friend get purple highlights and it was so awesome. Only problem she said washing it out in the shower was a bad choice, she was purple for at least two days lol. I know the price is awesome, and I know the color will lasts much longer than most do!. Definitely gonna use all of them when I can get ahold of them! Also another friend dyed her entire head of hair with the red and it was so beautiful and lasted a lot longer than when I dyed my hair red(not with Pravana!).

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Julianna S.

I only use pravana and pravana color line PERIOD. Their vivids made me fall in love a few years ago when I did red and magenta across my hairline. Vibrant, versatile, and fun to work with! my clients always love their results!

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Arie C.
Best red ever!

Their red is the longest lasting red I've ever used. I rarely ever had to touch up my hair, and when I finally did want to get rid of the color, I was only able to get it down to an orange color even with a 40 vol. bleach. So, this red is definitely a commitment color.

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Jaime B.

so here is my question i've used and loved these colors but i am ready for a change any suggestions how to get this super amazing potent color out of my hair haha

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Bethany L.
Not a review..

Sorry it wouldn't let me reply to anybody so I have a question.. can somebody please tell me where I can get the red color for a cheap price? I am having a hard time finding it online for cheap.

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