Eye Bright Liner


Nu Nu Dollie N.
My little secret.

This is not only great for opening up the eye and giving a more rested and awake appearance, it's a good confidence booster. I wear this when I am going for the "no make up" look This paired with a little winged liner it to die for as well. Invest in this a nude liner people, white eyeliner is a thing of the past! Lasts long on the waterline, and doesn't irritate my contacts. :) Not only a staple in my make up bag, but my little secret. This can be found& bought in Target! :)

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Kristen W.
LOVE this product!!!

Did I mention that I love this? It is amazing! I instantly look more awake after applying. It looks so much better than white eyeliner. It also lasts a really long time, even when applied to the water line. This is a new must have in my makeup bag. I also love that it can be found at Target, which is very convenient.