Endless Silky Eye Pen

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Sarah P.
Absolutely Fell In Love!

These liners are no joke! They are hands down the creamiest liners I've used to date. Even creamier than the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liners. They have amazing pigmentation and even better staying power. They do not smudge easy so if you have oily lids these are a must have! I use the light gold shade for my inner eye high light daily and every day it's just more and more amazing. They are super gentle on the waterline, there is no tugging of the skin at all. They glide on like butter.

Ariana R.

These eyeliners are the best pencil eyeliners period! I have tried many different brands and these eyeliners are the softest, longest wearing, stay put eyeliners I've ever had. I gave away all the other pencils I had to friends because I fell in love with these. I have Black, Black Tulip and Black Cocoa. Applying these to the inner rim is so fantastic, the color payoff is incredible and the staying power is amazing. They smudge easily, if you want to use them for a smokey eye. They have more colors to choose from, you can get them at Target and don't cost an arm and a leg. How much more can you ask for in an eyeliner? Not much in my opinion and I will continue to buy these pencils as long as Pixi keeps making them. Try these, you will be happy you did!

Evegail A.
Fell in Love!

I am in LOVE with these eyeliners! I've hoarded eyeliners from prestigious to drugstore brands and this one is simply amazing! If you're looking for an intense black eyeliner, don't question it, just pick it up from Target and you'll fall madly in love with it as much as I have! Not a fan of black liner? There are TONS of other hues to select from to line your upper and/or inner rim. Amazing quality! You won't regret it.

Alexis R.
Way better than the high-end alternatives!

These are great!! I only have the black one, but I've been on the hunt for the best black pencil eyeliner (they're not really pens, despite the name) now that I know they're so good I might have to pick up more! I actually like the black one even more than Urban Decay's Perversion pencil or MAC's Feline or Smolder. It goes on SO INTENSE in just one swipe with no pressure, and even UD's liners don't do that for me. I use gel liner on the lid but I use this on my lower lashline and just below my eye to smudge out - it looks awesome. Also once you set it on there it doesn't move!

Felicity F.

Seriously ladies, it doesn't get better than this! These almost-black liners go on with a hit of color that compliments virtually every eye! They glide on like butter, can be worked into the lash line with a smudge/liner brush and wear all day!!! If you're a fan of Urban Decay's Glide-on, here is your low-cost ($14) alternative with beautiful every-day shades.

Janis H.
One of the best eyeliners

I actually got this a while ago and just recently rediscovered it in my stash. I had bought it when I was younger and hadn't really known what to do with it, but when I found it I just knew that I had to use this on my waterline and it is perfect. The black is super pigmented and it does not move. It's a natural eyeliner, doesn't have parabens, mineral oil or any preservatives and it's so nice to use.