Physicians Formula

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio


Shin M.
Great for the water line and base of the lashes!

I would love this liner for my waterline and base of my bottom lashes, its soft gentle for those areas to where little pressure is needed to apply. However, if your wondering to use this as a top line eye liner I would suggest sticking to liquid eyeliner which makes dark colored eyeshadows stand out and not blend with the soft kohl liner like this one.

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Victoria D.
No Thanks

I was super excited to see these, since I normally love Physician's Formula products, but this one, was a complete miss for me. They have tons of colors to choose from, however, the pigmentation in them is seriously lacking! They hardly show up at all! Don't even bother trying to use it on your waterline. If you get anything to show up, it'll probably be gone in 10 minutes. Not to mention, I used mine once. And the next time I went to pick it up, the eyeliner had broken off the handle. All the way at the bottom. So I had to toss it. These aren't for getting thin, precise lines, as there is no way to sharpen or advance the liner at all. What you see sticking out of the handle is ALL you get. The rest is just plastic. Seriously. Pass on these.

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Kelly  F.
Great Waterline Color

I have very sensitive eyes and this is one of the few eyeliners that I can use in my waterline. If you take a Q tip and gently "dry" off your waterline then apply, these have really good pigmentation and staying power. Smudge out with an eye shadow that layers over it and bring it down and it stays almost all day. I use them every day. So far I have only used the black and the brown so I can't speak to the more vibrant colored ones.

Marilyn G.
Not to be used like a regular eyeliner

Are you using it like a regular eyeliner or drawing the stick between closed eyelids?

When using them you hold them so the stick is parallel with your eye, this does not wear down the point. So again when you use this do not hold it so that the tip makes right angle to your lash line but instead slide the eyeliner on it’s side across your lashline.

I love them. They have decent staying power. They don't leave powder residue like the loose kohl. Fab!

Tiffani H.
Good For Soft Definition
Photo of product included with review by Tiffani H.

I got this trio in the shade for green eyes (black, purple, and green eyeliners). I generally use the black in my upper and lower waterlines and then I use the purple to line my upper lashes. I generally don't wear any eyeshadow for this look except for a nude to cover any veins and maybe a light brown crease colour. I find that the pigmentation of both liners are very good, and they both have decent staying power, including in my waterline. The green I use alone with minimal eyeshadow when I just want to bring out the green in my eyes. The pigmentation is not quite as good as the purple or black, but it still definitely looks green with one swipe. And it stays for a decent amount of time as well.

I just wish there was a way to sharpen them (they're fine for now but eventually they'll get down to where the stick is quite thick) and I wish you got more product.

Amelia R.

I saw these at CVS and got really excited because I've never tried Kajal eyeliners, and I love eyeliner. So I got them, brought them home, swatched them, and literally said, out loud, "meh". They don't do anything fantastic, they pretty much look exactly like if you used eyeshadow as your eyeliner. They're pretty sheer, I had to work it for a while to get any pigmentation. They do not show up on the water line which was a major disappointment. They are also very dry-feeling and don't go on smoothly at all. The only thing I can say is that they have good color selection.

Andrea T.
Not miss

I generally like physicians formula products but this was a totally miss. They have very lite color payoff. With one of them, the tip broke off on my first application. I also couldn't figure out how to sharpen it. The packaging feels really cheap and flimsy too. It was just very underwhelming.