Physicians Formula

Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls Blush

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GlossyMom x.
Great product, high quality pigmentation with a slight shimmer

I purchased this product at rite aid for 10.95 back in December. I fell in love with the pink/rosy color, A perfect color especially in the winter, perfect color for the season! What is great about this product is that it is versatile in that you dont have to use it just as a blush, With light strokes you can use this product as a highlighter to your cheek bones to make your cheek bones really pop without applying any of the pink blush color to your cheeks! Or you can do both, add a slight touch of this very pretty pink to the apples of your cheeks then with very light sweeps add some shimmer right above the area that you applied the blush extended out towards your temple. It really creates a very beautiful luminous glow!! Radiant finish leaves your skin bright with a very youthful sexy glow. I absolutely love this product and it will always be in my collection!! Fragrance free. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist approved. Paraben free. Compact contains built-in mirror and includes a small brush.

Raven N.
Good pigmentation and NOT too shimmery!

I love, love, LOVE the pearl blush! At first when I got it I was disappointed because it didn't seem to have much color - but you just have to get past that initial layer of just silvery/whitish shimmer. Once you use it a few time it will have a lot more pigmentation. But it is a very light color and that's what I like about it - you can build it up and make it as bright or natural as you want. And the pearly shimmer just gives an amazing glow to your cheeks without being overly shimmer shimmer shimmer like the shimmer strips by PF. This is just one of those blushes that I take with me if I am going on a trip because it is like a highlight and blush in one so less product to take with. One of the only products I would ever repurchase from Physicians Formula, even at full price.