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Ashley P.
Anti-Aging Must Have

I absolutely love this product!! This was my first introduction to retinol and I am in love. At 31, I started seeing expression lines and I was not ready for that, lol! I've been using this for a few months and have noticed a difference in expression lines...My mom even mentioned it! I have also noticed an increase in smoothness and a decrease in milia and have not experienced any irritation. I wrote a full review about retinoids and this product on my blog. Try it...You won't be disappointed! If you're looking for something stronger try the retinol pads by Philosophy.

Davia G.
Helps you kick fine lines without the Rx

This lovey little tube of help is an essential part of your routine that does wonders and provides as much benefits of the retinol ( that skin care experts reccomend) can get without the redness, irritation, and peeling you find with several RX and over the counter creams! I noticed a dramatic difference in my worry lines across my forehead in just the first week! I have to say the cost is well worth the benefits!

Theresa G.

I love this product. I bought this tring to find a product to rid of fine lines under the eyes and reduce the appearance of my frown lines. I have been using this product since december 2010 and just opened a second tube. I use it in combination with hope in a jar and so far so good. I have no complaints. I have deffinitly seen a differance in my skin and also HELPS with breakouts.

Elle W.
Totally works but very harsh

I won this product in a Glamour magazine contest and it came with a whole set of Philosophy skincare products. Although it wasn't the product I was most excited to try, I was most excited to try out the Philosophy Purity Cleanser, it turns out that this was the only product in the set that I actually liked. This eye cream works to diminish fine lines and that's exactly what it does, I noticed that any fine lines under my eyes were gone within a few days. I also like to apply it to any dry skin patches because it increases the skin cell turnover and my dry skin is gone within a day or two. This product's only downfall is that it is very harsh and sometimes it leaves the skin around my eyes feeling overly delicate and sensitive. I do recommend this product for anybody who is looking to rid themselves of fine lines but if you have sensitive skin around your eyes be weary!

A Marie S.
Non-prescription retinol cream that really does work

I was lucky enough to win a tube of this in a contest, and I loved having it while it lasted. I wish it didn't cost quite as much or I would have it all the time. This worked as well as some of the prescription retinol creams I used in the past but without the redness and peeling that sometimes came along with it. I could tell that my cells were turning over fresh a lot faster than before. If you can afford it I would def. recommend.

Christina G.
Really works!

I really love this product. I have been using it for about 1.5 years and will continue to buy it again and again. I purchased this product to help with dark spots. I noticed that this product not only help with spots, but also with breakouts and pores. I use it every night before moisturizer (as recommended). I only wish that the tubes would last longer, I go through one every couple of months.