Amazing Grace Perfume


Theresa G.

I love this perfume. Soft refreshing sent that is great for everyday wear. I get migraines easily to certain perfume scents and this is one of a few that doesn't trigger a migraine.

Latoia B.
Great for people sensitive to scents

I suffer from terrible migraines and headaches and have for years. I can't usually wear perfumes. Many body sprays are even to strong for me. A few people reccomended this to me because I want happy with the sweet scents I was using at the time. I have never gotten a headache from this smell. It is light and womanly. It doesn't over power you or feel heavy. If you don't like heavy floral scent then this is for you. Or of you want a break from citrus or sween vanilla-y scents I can't reccomended this product more.

Madai L.
Not overwhelming

I hate perfumes! But this one I really enjoy. I don't wear it every day but when I do it doesn't give me a head ache like mos perfumes do. It's not so strong that I can be smelled a mile away but it's not so light where it's not even noticeable. It doesn't last all day but that's fine by me. I do get compliments when I wear it.