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On a Clear Day® Skin System


Hannah M.
I Agree with Megan

For me, the foaming cleanser made my acne worse, though that may be due to my skin being sensitive to foam cleansers. The spot treatment isn't bad, but I can't stand the smell of it. Same goes for the all over treatment. Out of this system, I would repurchase the retinol clarifying lotion. I really thought that made my skin smooth and kinda dewy. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long. Maybe a month. :(

Megan Y.
Made Things Worse

Didn't care for this one at all. After using it dutifully for two months, I ditched it. Certain things were great- like the Retinol clarifying lotion, and the foaming face wash. Unfortunately, the whole set in combination made me break out in a big way. I went from having a few stubborn pimples, to full blown break out. Not good. If you have sensitive skin, I'd avoid this.