Philip Kingsley

Elasticizer Pre Shampoo Treatment


Kay D.

This is my ultimate hair product, I recommend it to any woman with any hair type !

I use it only once weekly, and often as a deep nourishing mask overnight. Apply to damp sectioned hair, massage into the roots, and wrap clingfilm over the hair as though it is a hair towel. It is then ready to be rinsed in the shower the next morning - shampoo & condition as usual. My hair is left feeling incredibly smoothed and reconstructed, but it doesn't flatten my fine fly-away hair type, it adds beautiful voluminousness and shine, like no other treatment I have tried. Also strengthens the hair which allows for growth and excellent condition. For more beauty related reviews see:

Rebekka H.
Excellent Treatment

This is a pre shampoo treatment, which is fantastic for all hair types, but is just phenomenal for damaged / coloured / split or broken hair. It reconstructs the hair so it gets stronger and literally more leastic. The hair gets bounce and shine, a total saviour. Everyone should have this in their bathroom, you will not need any other hair mask anymore.