Paul Mitchell

Round Trip


Alli Rose G.

I really like this gel. It's not heavy on my hair. I naturally have wavy hair. This product makes it a bit more curly and really keeps the shape of my waves. Once I locked down the right way of applying it to my hair (rubbing the gel all over my hand then into my hair) it doesn't leave sticky hard pieces as an after effect. It keeps everything very smooth and not plastic-y or brittle looking. When I use the hair spray with, it turns out even better. The only problem I have is that the hold can fade after about half way through the day. I'd recommend mixing it with something else.

Amelia R.

this is a really good curl defining product. i like to mix it with something else like a serum or a cream, it doesn't do anything for frizz on its own.. but definitely makes your curls more defined