Paul Mitchell

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil


Lisa W.
Sex for your hair

When you buy this product and use it, you'll understand why I put that for the title. I love the fact that this is a dry oil (meaning people with fine hair can use it and it won't make our hair oily, yay)! Anyone can actually use this product. The only con is it costs a lot, but it lasts so long. Literally a little dab will do ya.

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Noelle M.

I bought the try me box with a bunch of the awapuhi products in it, and I was a little nervous to try the oil because I typically have oily hair/scalp, and baby fine hair, so too much of anything even by a little bit really shows in my hair.. this stuff is AMAZING.. It does not leave my hair greasy, or weighed down, by ANY means. It's absorbed into my hair asap, smells SOOOO NICE!. I highly recommend this product. I have healthy shiny hair on my own, but this product helps keep everything looking great, with an added bit of oomph. I add 1-2 drops in my hair(my hair hits me mid butt length) and work it in my hair from basically shoulders down, and its great! I've been recommending this to my friends at school ever since I got my hands on it, and as soon as all my try me size products run out I'm buying more! ASAP!

Leticia C.
Everyday product

This treatment oil is by far my favorite of all time. The smell is incredible and it leaves my hair feeling silky, smooth, and frizz free. No complaints with this one!

Kylee Larissa K.

i use this on almost every long haired client in the salon! it gives amazing softness, and shine, and WILL NOT weigh the hair down. unlike other oils that i have tryed on both my hair and others. This is for every hair type!

Evelyn R.

This is one of the that i just cant live without. lets just say last time i went to the spa in florida i cleared out their shelves. Hubby thought i was crazy, but hey i love this oil. Smells sooooo good. leaves a nice shine on your and on top of that it helps treat your hair. I also got a travel size one for my purse lol love love love.

Sileny G.

leaves your hair sooo silky smooth and it also smells great and gives u that shine that you need with a little bit of the product, for me this product is a must BUY........

Amber E.
Soft & Silky

I love this product! It leaves my hair smooth and silky, especially after blow drying my hair. Be sure to only use no more than one pump or even a half of pump because too much product will make your hair look oily even after just washing it. I suggest testing the amount since it'll probably vary depending on your hair texture.