Paul Mitchell

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment


Rachel W.
transforms hair

when this line of products first came out I searched for it everywhere. when I finally got it the salon told me for my hair type I could use the deep conditioner as normal conditioner. made my hair shiny, soft, and yet didn't kill my curls or way down my hair too much. using the whole system can make your roots oily so you may want to use a clarifying shampoo now and then. but overall fixed sooo much damage and my hair grew faster

Noelle M.
Game Changer

This conditioner is one of the most amazing really does penetrate your hair and make it the best it can be from the inside out! This year I bleached my hair so i have a good ombre going on, and this is one of the best conditioners i've used.. I don't recommend using it everyday($$), but it's a wonderful treatment. The whole line is awesome, but this item in particular makes a day and night difference in my hair, and in others. It's not just a difference you can feel, but one you can SEE..your hair is noticeably healthier in just ONE use. I literally cannot say enough good things about this, it's just an all around game changer for anyone with hair lol. Seriously though, HIGHLY recommend.

Caleigh B.

i love using this product on myself as well as recommending to clients! one of the best deep conditioners out there! if you like this, check out local salons to see if they offer the entire awapuhi keratin treatment that will leave your color looking fresher and you're hair feeling fabulous (:

Amelia R.

this is my favorite deep conditioner! it really strengthens and hydrates my hair. i was always a big fan of products that have keratin proteins in them, but this one is by far my favorite!

Angelica P.

I used this as a deep conditioner and it made my curls look eve more beautiful than smells good and you will definitley be able to see and feel the difference in your hair! Paul Mitchells's entire Awapuhi line is amazing!

Judy G.

If there is one conditioner you use , let it be Paul Mitchell Wild Ginger Awaphui Keration Intense Treatment. You WILL see the difference after one time. takes any damaged hair and makes it stronger , more shiny and luxurious feeling.