Eye Liner


Julianne J.
Same as Midnight Blue, but doesn't perform as well

To get a better take on this pencil, visit my other review on the Midnight Blue shade. Basically, this is waxy, a little crumbly, and takes a few tuggy swipes to build up the color. It is not as pigmented as Midnight but the color is beautiful- its a grey/ warm sandy brown with a very faint hint of shimmer. This pencil looked great with my cloudy blue/green/grey eyes, and enhances brown lashes in a subtle, natural way. Taupe would make a great partner with a bronze shadow for a light and shimmery, summery smokey eye (I'll have to try that!) ATM, this pencil is chilling with Midnight Blue in my MU rejects/OK products basket, but, as I've said, they might rejoin the mini hoard now and again. I guess I'm a fair weather friend to these pencils! They really are half Pro and half Con.

Julianne J.
"meh" to pretty good

I'm also a little on the fence about this product. I got these from Sally's for a reasonable price, and at the time I was pretty new to Sally's Beauty Supply and the Palladio brand. It def. is a 50/50 kinda product, with clear pros and cons. When I first got this shade I really liked the pigmentation and color. My eyes are a cloudy grey-greenish blue and the navy color really made them pop. I wore Midnight Blue as a thick, slightly smudgey/messy cat-eye, paired with a metallic silver or shimmery white highlight in the first third of the eye as well as the tear-duct area. With any of my primers Midnight lasted for along time. Now for the drawbacks. For some odd reason Midnight AND Taupe when swatched and worn create a pigmented line but with some added crumbles. Even after wiping off that dry layer encasing a new eye pencil, the pencil tugged a bit and you had to make a few swipes to evenly distribute the color. I noticed that with Taupe particularly, that I had to work and apply a few layers for the color to be evenly distributed and not patchy. That being said I love both colors and have had some moderate success with them, but I might have moved on to bigger and better things, so to speak. I might use them on occasion, but for now they sit in my MU rejects basket.

Veronica T.

You have to go over your eye like 3-4 for a more pigmented look. and doesnt last at all! And who has time for that. It was like $1.99 at a local sallys so whatever. but save your money seriously!

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Sarah C.
Favorite eyeliner ever

This, in my opinion, is the best pencil eyeliner. It goes on really smooth and doesn't streak what's already on your eye when you go to put more on. It's super pigmented, and if you make a mistake, can easily be erased with even just your finger. I've tried soo many eyeliners from different brands, and this is by far my favorite.