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Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil

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Kristyn R.
Super Calming

My skin is very prone to redness and breakouts, especially when I get stressed out or hormonal. I don't have very good luck with skin oils because I find that they either break me out or feel way too heavy on my combo/oily skin, so I was pretty sure I wouldn't see results from this one either. I have heard good things about rosehip oil so I decided to take the plunge and try it and oh my, I'm so glad I did! I apply about 3 drops into my palm and warm it up, then gently but firmly press it into my skin. It has a light scent which I don't find offensive and fades pretty quickly, and it absorbs really fast. After two weeks of using this at night, I've found my skin is much less red when I wake up, looks more plump and hydrated, and I have not had any issues with breakouts. The severely dry patches on my cheeks (thanks Winter!) have also cleared up.

I'm currently only using this as part of my nighttime routine, although I may start adding a drop or two to my morning moisturizer to take advantage of the rosehip oil's protective qualities.

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Aurora S.
Love it!

I have very, very sensitive skin that is very affected by the chemicals in the tap water. My skin can get very oily and can also get dry and itchy l. This oil is so awesome! I am using it in conjunction with tatch products and I can not believe how much I love my skin! I will say it took me a few applications to figure out how much to use but now that I got it it is so lovely

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Dena R.
Luxurious Moisture

I was suspicious of this oil at first, especially since it wasn't in a UV protective package and rosehip oil can turn rancid as it oxidizes due to exposure to light and heat. But I love the way this oil hydrates my skin as the cold weather and indoor heating saps my skin of moisture. Definitely feel like it rebalances the dryness in the cheeks but doesn't overly make my T-zone shiny. My skin has become drier as I've aged so it may not be good for combo/oily skin but for my dry to combination skin it's been quite lovely. Since it's CO2 extracted, I definitely feel like there's a bit of a smell to it that's not like cold-pressed rosehip oil. It's not unpleasant but if you're familiar with other CO2 extracted oils, you'll know what smell I'm talking about. I use about 3-4 drops after my actives and before my moisturizer day and night for an added boost.

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Emily P. Team
My new favorite mixing medium

This oil is probably one of the most softening and gentle products I've applied to my skin. I personally have dry/dehydrated skin type and love using oil as the final step in my routine to lock in all the moisture overnight. However, this specific rosehip oil is lightweight and absorbs into the skin super fast which is helpful and allows for it to be used both day and night.

I have also been mixing this oil with my foundation for a more sheer and luminous look, and love how moisturized face looks and feels. I also really enjoy using this oil to help as a mixing medium to make my cream contour apply and blend into my skin seamlessly.

Overall not only have I become a huge fan of this but, I found a new fun product to enhance my makeup!

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Diana B.
Rosehip oil now is must under my skincare routine

I tried several rosehip oil and this is one of the more expensive. I love it no doubt. I mix it with my moisturizer and my skin feel hydrated and moist. I found that the consistency of the oil is thicker / fuller compared to cheaper products. Some products hv stronger smell but I am fine with this one. Since I love rosehip oil so much I buy cheaper ones for body and use this solely for my face and neck.

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Julie R.
Not wowed......

I saw no difference between this and the $8.00 bottle of Rosehip oil I can get at the Vitamin Shop, the biggest difference is the the $8.00 bottle comes in a dark blue bottle so that it doesn’t go bad as fast. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Brittany S.
Worth the Price

Having heard of all the great things rosehip seed oil does for your skin, I was excited to try products with this ingredient. I originally purchased a rosehip oil from another very popular brand, but it immediately broke me out, and I ended up giving it to a friend. I thought that rosehip seed oil and I just weren't meant to be.

Thankfully, I ended up giving it another shot with this one from Pai, and I am so glad I did. This oil does not break me out at all. It feels super hydrating, so I love using it in the colder part of the year. But, it absorbs pretty quickly so I can see myself continuing to use this into the summer.

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Emily F.
Magic in a bottle!

My skin is reactive, red, dry and as I've aged I have developed KP on my cheeks. After lots of research and compiling a list of products to try for KP, nothing seemed to help at all. I was almost at the bottom of the list and still no luck! Enter Pai Rosehip Oil. WOW!! This oil is amazing. I've been using it for 2 weeks as part of my nighttime routine and have witnessed a total transformation. It completely purged my skin, I had no idea how bad my pores really were!! My skin feels hydrated and I wake up without any redness. While I have tried many oils in the past, none compare to this. It absorbs almost instantly and I saw immediate results (even after the first use)!! I understand some are hesitant because of the price but it works!! Love this!!

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Melina J.
Surprised Me!

I bought this on a whim. It surprised me how well it worked. My skin gets super irritated easily, and this has been my go to. I use it 3x a week and my skin looks great and a little goes a long way. It helps with texture and brightness.

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German G.
sent a volume of 10 ml

paid and ordered 30 ml and sent a volume of 10 ml very disappointed. my first order and so bad