Pai Skincare

Age Confidence Cream


Alexis S.
Super hydrating

Ok, I was a bit skeptical about this product because a $98 moisturizer in 2019 is pretty expensive if you ask me. Especially when there are products that are so quick and easy in the skincare world. This is a splurge that is undoubtedly worth it. I would splurge on this time and time again because my skin eats it up like pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!

I have severely dry and sensitive skin and there are very few products I can use because of it. The Age Confidence Cream is thick and hydrating without clogging my pores or feeling like its sitting on top of my skin. I cannot attest to the age-defying benefits because I don't have deep lines or wrinkles but the hydration factor is definitely there!

An everyday moisturizer that won't let you down if you have dry, peeling skin is the best way I can describe this.

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Susan N.

I was given a sample of the Pai Age Confidence Cream, and I think it works great. It's kinda pricey so I took off a star as I would probably not purchase it myself. I'm an older woman and I think it's a very good age defying cream and it's really moisturizing without feeling overly heavy. That's always a plus.