Dust It Mattifying Powder


Megan C.
A - mazing

This product is perfect for people who want to build volume or texture with out using any moisture at all! It's perect to add texture to updos, show off short layers, or even vomumize natural curls!

Kate H.
My secret weapon for my hair

I bought this stuff years ago and I keep going back to it. I told the hair dresser I wanted Nikki Sixx hair and she was like "Whaa?" But she give me this stuff . . . . My hair has heaps of layers, and with this powder I can give it so much volume and make it stick out like crazy - but it's mattifying and it doesn't make the hair clump together like gel or hair spray, but I have black hair and the powder is white, so I have to rub it right in if I don't want it to show. Other than that it's freakin' awesome

Kira L.

Without this product, I find that when I tease my hair it usually falls flat throughout the day. Using this makes it stay how I want it to all day long. I also like that if I want to get rid of some of the volume that I've added, I can just brush through it a bit. Overall, I find it very easy to work with and it makes teasing so much easier. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone wanting some volume :)

Stephanie P.

I have SUPER fine hair. Rollers, hairspray etc all are no help, but this stuff gives me lots of volume! Its kind of hard to wash out, but for a big event or a really long day its perfect!

Lindsey N.
Works well, not perfect

I do really enjoy this product. I backcomb my hair two or three times a week (washing only once a week), and the powder helps to maintain my volume and life throughout the week. I especially like this for my bangs, keeps my cowlick in check all day. It is also useful for creating updos or specific looks by allowing volume that is natural-looking.

The only downside is that if accidentally over-used, it can create a yucky over-done look. I recently switched to Surface Matte Powder instead, because it doesn't have this "side-effect" as often.

Mercedes D.

We have a love-hate relationship, but it's definitely a good product - don't get me wrong. For some reason it takes me multiple washes and sometimes days after using it to fully get rid of it. However, if I want to go a few days without washing my hair or I want some major volume, this is my go-to product.