Won't Chip


Arkia M.
it chips
Photo of product included with review by Arkia M.

I like how shiny this product makes my nails, but it chips! I painted my nails yesterday afternoon it's probably been less than 24 hours and my nails are chipped!! Yesterday was Sunday and that's my hang out around the house and watch netflix day so I legit didn't do much at all and my nails look awful! :( I would 100% love this product if it didn't chip my nails so fast when its called WON"T CHIP!!

Ashli B.
Like this a lot.

I love this product for a few reasons: It glides on smoothly just like all Orly products. It evens out quickly and provides a secure topcoat. But the main reason I love this topcoat is because whenever I use it, it enhances whatever polish or nail art I am wearing! It obviously increases shine, but I feel like it makes my nails HD! That probably sound silly, but my friends have seen it too - when I do their nails and apply this on top, it suddenly brings all the art and colors out and it's just really incredible!