Nail Lacquer


Helena A.

it is not long lasting at all and it takes too much time to dry. i like only glossing. also variety of many colours is rich enough. but in general i prefer other nail polishes

Bry R.

It's a pretty color. Goes on nicely. I only need two coats to get a nice, even opaque color. I didn't notice any chipping. It wears pretty well. Even without topcoat.

Grace S.
The perfect red!

I've searched high and low for the perfect Hollywood red, but somehow I always end up with a color that looks like a blood clot. Until now! This shade is classic and glamorous - and the brush is extremely user-friendly. No streaks or bubbles.

Anthony S.
Goin' to the Chapel Is the CUTEST

I lovvvvveee every colour. Although sometimes you have to apply a coat of white first to make them show much better. Goin' to the Chapel is a pearlescent beige and looks nothing less than amazing over darker colours and sometimes even light ones. I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone!

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Franny M.

I like this brand because of the big colour range but the nail polish is kind of thin and doesn't apply to my nails properly, or at least the colours that I bought.

Sarah T.
Great range of colour :)

Orly has a huge range of colours but my all time favourite is Purple Crush, its more pink than purple but it looks great :) Dry's fast , Layers well, Bold colour, Stays well on fake nails however it does chip easy on natural nails.

Marisa J.
Great brand!!

I absolutely love all the Orly polishes I've tried so far!! They all have great formulas; they apply well and dry quickly. I love that they always have fun and unique colors. I highly recommend this brand!

Kristy F.
Works great!

This brand has a great color range, and the nail polish has a really good consistency. I've had a couple bottles for years and they still work like they're brand new. They layer pretty well and its a very good quality nail polish, i also really like the cap.

Madison D.

I recently bought my first Orly product, Buried Alive and I love it! The color is very unique! At first glance it's a medium to darker brown with a gold and green glow/shimmer. When applied lightly it looks very warm and more golden than green. When applied with more than one coat it becomes very rich and looks as edible as a Root Beer Barrel candy. It also pairs nicely with a gold glitter on top to enhance the golden shimmer. It doesn't take long to dry either... I am excited to try out other colors!

Katrina L.

Overall, i love them. Consistency's nice. Color range is pretty awesome. They really don't chip, unless you do something really dramatic. Just bought the top2bottom and cupcake, another pinky girly shade. Will post swatches soon. I looooove them!