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Sofia C.
Refreshing but ineffective

I have a genetically translucent, very thin skinned eye and lid area that is light purple and veiny. Never having tried an eyecream and only recently learning that there is no such thing as a topical eye cream for dark circles that work (because of underlying conditions that usually cause the problem) after I purchased this product, I was disappointed by the results. It's light, cool and refreshing but that can be easily copied with a cold spoon to the eyes. The light reflecting properties may be helpful for those that suffer from very slight discoloration, but only accentuated my problems. Also, once dry it flakes off easily and does not sit well under makeup.

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Melissa F.

Recently, I've been getting dark circles under my eyes due to lack of sleep. I don't have really prominent dark circles but they are there. I decided to try this after seeing a few positive reviews on YouTube and I have not been disappointed. It feels soothing when I apply it under my eyes. At first I was unsure if it would work because of the pinky tone but so far so good. I was worried the pinky, shimmery tone would leave my skin looking ashy but it hasn't. My dark circles are less noticable. I always put this after my toner but before my moisturizer. No matter how much of a rush I'm in, I apply this product to look more awake than I actually am. I wish it came in a bigger jar but I will definitely repurchase it. :-)

Helene B.

I usually have a big problem with dark circles under my eyes, and makeup can't really cover it all... I have tried every trick and tips, with teabags and to put cool items on my eyes, but nothing has worked. But after I started to use this every morning the dark circles have started to vanish. Thank you for saving me, Origins! :)

Nikki Z.

I am NOT a morning person and my eyes tend to be really puffy and sleepy in the morning, and on a bad day it can last into the afternoon. So I decided to try this out because the price is right and I put it on in the morning for a boost and I IMMEDIATELY notice a difference in my eyes. It instantly melts into the skin and I honestly do look more awake! I use it before moisturizer so it soaks right in and I love it. A little goes a long way :)

Jessica B.

This product does a great job masking dark circles, and I love that it has light reflecting properties. However, as this isn't meant to improve the look of dark circles over time, it's more of a cosmetic than a skincare product. Nevertheless, it is the only cream I've found that actually makes me look wide awake, so I can live without long term effects.

Kelley Diona M.
Easy on the eyes!!!

Its like a morning cup of coffee for your eyes. Now on days where I dont get enough sleep I can place this underneath my eye to relieve any puffiness or bags. A little goes a long way. If you dont have petite fingers use a small brush for your product or you could end up using too much.

Cameron R.
Love it!

I love this product! While most eye treatments leave me with milia, or breakout other parts of my face from moving in my sleep, this product worked really well as an eye cream at night, and also for making my eyes look more rejuvenated in the morning. The only con is the price, which may be pricey for sum, but a little def. goes a long way. Repurchase for sure.

Morgan B.
Good for mornings

I use this eye cream in the mornings, after using every man jack eye cream as a base. The origins cream cuts any puffiness and brighten up the eyes, but I have such dark eye circles I need the two eye creams together (origins and every man jack) to lighten then. I use clinique all about eyes rich at night with every man jack, and using all three gives me a brighter and better eye area.

Anneka F.

People seem to love this, but it didn't do much for me. Its soft and feels nice on, but I didn't notice much of a difference in my skin. It's meant to be brightening, but I don't particularly have dark circles or anything. I did like how it soaks in nicely and doesn't give me milia or anything.

Sarah  R.

No no no! I was very disappointed with this product! I use a ton of origins products... And thanks to this one I look like a lizard! My face is red, itchy, and bumpy! Very disappointing.