Checks and Balances

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Amanda Y.

So far I'm on my second bottle of this. I love that it's 1) natural and doesn't make my sensitive skin burn 2) foams up a lot!! and 3) has lavender as an ingredient which my skin seems to like. I can't say it "balances out" my oily and dry spots, but it isn't overly drying. Also a little product goes a long way especially with a silicone cleansing pad! I only use about a pea size and the cleansing pad makes it super frothy. I don't think that this has transformed my skin or anything, but I don't have anything negative to say about it so far <3

Nikki Z.

This is the only face wash I have used for over a year now (I have combo skin) and it really does what it says. It controls your oil without drying out your skin and gently cleans away all of the impurities. I have seen a drastic change in my skin since I started using this and I have no plans of stopping. Totally a holy grail for me and I think it would be great for people with oily skin. And a nice price point at about $19, and a good size!

Cortney S.
Really DOES balance! + Bonus

So i'm in love with this cleanser. I have a normal/ dry complexion and typically "foamy' cleansers wouldn't work on my skin without drying it out horribly but this one actually balances me out! Also, an added bonus is that it REALLY brightens my skin up. My skin looks so youthful after using this. I highly recommend it. Also, I don't break out after using it.

Amy S.
Best for Combination Skin

This is the only cleanser I have found that works with my combination skin. My chin gets oily but the rest of my face is pretty normal. This cleanser does a good job of keeping the oil at a minimum.

molly m.
Combination skin

i went to an origins counter and after a quick evaluation of my skin, the girl showed me some products to suit my skin, and i ended up buying this foaming face wash. It smells minty! You don't need much of this product as it foams up, so it does last, i think it is around about £16, but i would repurchase this. I really like this product, and i feel it is good for my skin, and i have continued to use it.

Kelly S.
Great for the oily, sensitive skin

I have combination skin (borderline oily in the summer) and my skin is low key sensitive. I bought a small tube of this and I LOVED IT. It was my fav gym face wash. It got all the sweat and dirt from my face after hard workouts. Granted, its not a makeup remover wash but it does the job. A dime size goes a long way. Great way to maintain your investment.

Aja T.
Amazing for combonation skin!

I have a really oily t-zone and this face wash is the best for keeping oily areas under control without leaving the rest of my skin dry. It smells great and I love the cool minty feel on my face too. A pea -sized amount is all I need to make a good lather, it even cleans all of my makeup off too.

Jessica B.

I got a small tube of this through an online promotion, so I use it when I travel. This leaves my skin feeling cleaner than I'm used to, but it doesn't dry it out. It smells minty and while it doesn't lather like a regular cleanser, it produces a foam. My only reservation is that I'm afraid to spend $20 on a cleanser I'm going to use everyday. I currently spend $8 for the one I'm using right now, and it's a bigger size than this one. But if I had the money, I would switch to this.

Michan M.

I really enjoy using this cleanser. It smells really good, and when I wash this off my face it leaves my skin feeling extra clean. However, I never feel like this dries out my face. A little bit of this product goes a long way. The only reason I left out one star for this cleanser was because I like using cleansers on my eyes also, and the lady at the Origins counter said not too.

Kia K.
Not the best for oily skin.

I was given a travel size of this product, and it lasted for a month. However, my skin did not like it. Unfortunately, I broke out, and there was no oii control. Once I ran out, I went and bought the Zero Oil cleanser, and it seems to be working great. Origins is a great brand, however, this product is either a hit or miss.

Don't get it near your eyes, the mint is a killer!