Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo


Britney  A.
Not worth the money

It has silicones, so the keratin can't really get inside the hair. Silicones like Dimethicone lead to a Build-Up on hair so it dries and you will see the result if you use shampoo without silicones. Disappointed. :(

Heidilore A.
Love it!

I have frizzy, thick hair. Organix does great job in calming it down. I also use the Organix hair treatment for heat/flat iron protection. The combo works great! I have no complaints, especially with the reasonable price, and I'm normally picky and buy expensive brands.

Rebakah G.
Love it!

I love this product! Leaves my hair shiny and manageable. I'd say its one of the absolute best shampoos I've ever used. I have really long (to by butt) hair and had no issues with tangling or stiffness. I've used this on my daughter and on my yorkie (lol) both my girls had healthy shiny locks after. Highly recommend this.. $3.99 at Kroger

Lizzy P.
A bargain for smooth hair

I just got this product today and I haven't used it more than once, but so far I love it! I get keratin treatments every four months or so but I haven't gotten one since I went to school on the east coast 5 months ago. I have VERY curly hair. I used to chemically straighten it every six months and I thought keratin would be a good compromise while I was growing out my natural hair. Right now it can get puffy and frizzy and this has helped so far. Also it smells great. I use it with the organix aragon oil. I'm hoping some people's complaints of dry hair doesn't happen to me.

Timika M.
Good for the price you pay

I have been using this brand since I first got my Keratin treatment last January...I have not had any issues with it. I dont have to touch up my hair as often, which is a plus.

Paloma H.
Dried my hair out

Never tried any of the Organix products, decided to give it a shot since they have a vast selection of products. I didn't like the product; it made my hair feel while I washed, basically it felt like all the oils were being taken out of my hair, just felt dry and hard. I used the conditioner as well and it didn't help at all just made my hair feel dry, I left it on for 10 minutes and still didn't have any effect on my hair. As I detangled my hair, it was much harder and more hair came out than usual. This product wasn't for me, maybe it'll work for someone else. I'll just go back to using Tresseme, it's much better for me.

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