Texas Collection 2011


Yasmin K.
Beautiful colors
Photo of product included with review by Yasmin K.

OPI's Texas Collection is out now and some of the items seem to be a hit and miss among the public. People are disliking the new "sorbets" because of how sheer the colors are. The intent of the sorbets are to be like having a gel nail treatment and I guess if you've never had gels before it look weird. I love gels because it really does remind me of the transparency of jelly.

Here are the colors.

OPI Texas Collection 2011

* Austin-tatious Turquoise 871703 * I Vant to Be A-Lone Star 871705 * Too Hot Pink to Hold ’Em 871708 * Suzi Loves Cowboys 871701 * San Tan-tonio 871702 * Do You Think I’m Tex-y? 871706 * It's Totally Fort Worth It 871704 * Guy Meets Galveston 871711 * Don't Mess with OPI 871700 * Big Hair…Big Nails 871710 * Houston We Have a Purple 871707 * Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? 871709

I own the "Lil Shooters" 4-pack mini pack which includes 3 Mini Nail Lacquers (.125 oz. each) and 1 Mini RapiDry Top Coat (.125 oz). The mini lacquers include:

* Austin-tatious Turquoise * I Vant to Be A-Lone Star * Do You Think I’m Tex-y?

I believe the mini-pack retail for around $12.50 to $13 while the individual bottles retail for around $8 to $9.

The only reason I'm not giving this a full five stars is simply because I dislike the color of Suzi Loves Cowboys since it seems out of place in the collection. Wish they had a deep yellow one instead and named it "Yellow Rose of Texas" (famous song).

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Pily C.
Nail polish that last enough

I tried this OPI nail lacquers/polish and I can tell that last for a week with out getting ripped off in the points, the nail doesn't get yellowish or anything, I liked it.

Althea N.
Everything's BIGGER in Texas!!!

I am in love with this line of polishes! I think Austin-tatious Turquoise & Don't you think I'm Tex-y are my favorites! I probably like these best because the came in my "lil' shooters" set as well! I wish they would release more of the mini bottles.... I prefer them like that!

You'll definitely need about 2 or 3 coats to make sure the color stands out, but overall this is a good product!!

I love how OPI constantly revamps the colors they have. The cuter the name, the more likely I am to buy!

Mindi G.
Good line

I bought both austintacious and i vant to be a lonestar, and liked both but they both took 2-3 coats to look perfect. I am an OPI fan and love Texas so I would buy it again, I just wish the colors were more apparent after the first coat

Jacquelyn Marie H.
Love the new colors. very different. but very sheer=/

I love the new colors especially "san tan-tonio".... but it seems that to get the color that all the swatches show you have to put an extra coat or two of the nail polish. which can cause the nails to take longer to dry or to be easily smudged.