Start-to-Finish Base Coat & Top Coat

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Ama D.

i really love this product, it makes me not by those three things differently cause its already 3 in 1. The quality of it is also really nice and also easy to apply.

Sabine K.
It helped my nails back to full strength

My nails where really thin when I got my acrylics removed. I started using this Start to Finisch from OPI as my base and topcoat for all my nailpolishes. It really stops your nails getting stained from the darker colours and it gives a nice shine as topcoat. But the most amazing thing was that my nails are after 2 months of use, stronger than ever and before I took fake nails becaus my own would tear all the time. Now I don't have to worry about that anymore caus they are so strong on their own. Yay!

Miss Manny S.
Not terrible, so I'll finish off the bottle

It does an okay job of keeping my nail polishes on and protecting my nails from getting stained, but I feel like it's really lacking in the shine department. I personally really like a glassy, glossy finish to my nails and this really doesn't provide that.