Silver Shatter

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Mica G.

I really don't know if it's just the bottle I got but I really dislike this polish! I bought this on impulse when crackle polishes became the "in" thing and after several attempts this is still a complete fail for me! My main issue with it is that is barely shatters! I've tried this over different types of nail polish finishes and I've also applied the silver shatter with thin and thick coats but still same disappointing results and now it just sits in my nail polish drawer untouched and collects dust.

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Shaila H.
Beautiful and almost out of it

Didn't thicken up on me nearly as much as the black did which is extremely nice. my only down side is that it can be a bit transparent and over certain nailpolishes it's not very noticable when you think it would be. oh well just have to avoid those ones i guess

Amber E.

The silver shatter is one of my favorite nail polishes so far and went well with more colors than I expected. I used it over purple and pink; I loved the way it came out!

Nicole C.

I like the silver shatter more than the black shatter and it looks so gorgeous over a mint colored nail polish! Such a gorgeous pair especailly on tan skin tones!

Parris W.
Mix-n-Match with Any Spring Color!
Photo of product included with review by Parris W.

I love OPI, their nail polish is fabulous. The whites, hot pinks, and any neon colored nail polishes are in right now. Just combine the silver shatter with any of these colors and you have a beautiful nail pattern!

Theresa G.
Shimmer shatter : )

I love that they came out with a shimmer shatter. Not sure about everyone else but this only shatters great with OPI as a base. Thats not a problem I have plenty of OPI lol : )

Tiffany Z.
Really cool!

I thought this shatter really worked well on my nails. It shattered really well and was really cool to look at it crack. You can't use too many coats or else it won't shatter as well. It is pretty thick, so one coat is all you need. The silver was really pretty and has a little bit of glitter in it.

Brittany C.
Not the best formula

As everyone else said before, this is NOT the best shatter OPI has come out with. I hope they revisited the "foiled/glittery" shatters formulas when making the Turquoise one! I can get mine to crack but it's difficult and it hates a lot of different polishes. It WILL not crack over matte formulas, esp. Zoyas Mod Mattes. It's also very hard to get a thin coat of that and I think that is the main problem. I still like it, mainly for the look it produces but it's not my favorite at all.

Eryn G.

The picture that Holly H. posted of the silver shatter is exactly what it looks like when i use it.. The OPI Silver Shatter is actually HORRIBLE. I'm not sure what it is, it could be because of the silver flecks of pigment but it barely, barely shatters and it was a waste of $12. I have tried the black shatter i recommend that 101%. Its amazing and actually works.

Lauren C.
Very fun!

i really do like the color i think its really fun, only problem is it doesnt shatter as well as other colors, i really like the color though because it isnt "too much." when wearing the black shatter i sometimes feel that i am wearing nail polish that is too much and sometimes can look strange, i think this is something fun..if you want to do glitter on your nails sometime..try this, its alot different than a sheer glitter color on top of your nails but i really do like the color...especially under the katy perry line or the pirates of the carribean opi line