Ridge Filler


Kalyn A.
It doesn't feel necessary.

Maybe I just have fairly smooth nails to begin with, but I just don't feel like this does much for me. I don't feel like it smooths out my nails much more than an additional coat of polish would and I don't feel like it makes my polish last longer or stain my nails less. One thing I have found it's good for is making lighter polishes go on more opaque since it sort of makes the white ends of your nails stand out less under sheer polishes. http://bathbeautybattlestargalactica.blogspot.com

Johanna H.
I LOVE this product!!!

I don't know about you, but I've gotten nail enhancements for years, which can take a long term toll on your natural nail and so once a year I have my gel nails removed completely so that my natural nails can heal. However, they usually look like crap in the process; so I cover them with nail polish. But the polish on my weak nails always looks like it was done by a kindergartner because of the lumps and bumps on my nails ... NOT WITH THIS PRODUCT!!! I put this on before my polish and not only does it smooth everything out, but it conditions and provides an awesome base!!!

Haley P.
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OPI's Ridge Filler! Where should I begin with this amazing product? Well first I should describe my nails. Before I got this product I would always notice tiny lines and dents when I painted my nails. I have very weak nails so if I layer on the coats of nail polish there is more of a chance of the paint chipping within a day or less. So when I first heard about a Ridge Filler abut two years ago I just HAD to put it on my birthday list. And that loved bottle I got for my 19th birthday has been the same one I use with EVERY SINGLE manicure for over a year and a half. I had to thin it out once a few months ago, but other than that I don't have any downsides. I apply this after OPI's Natural Nail Base Coat and before any nail lacquer. I used to apply it as a base coat, and I haven't seen any difference between using a real base coat first or using the ridge filler as a base coat. It smooths out all my lines and ridges and I really notice when I don't use it. It doesn't have any strong smell, and if you ask me, it has less of a scent than all my other polishes. Although I haven't tried any other ridge fillers, I would highly recommend this one. Unless of course you were born with perfectly smooth nails! Haha, don't we wish? Overall: 5 out of 5 stars and two thumbs up!

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