Rapidry Topcoat


Leelo R.

I had OPI RapiDry in mini, because I got it with OPI nail lacquers mini set. I really liked this top coat, because it didn´t stink (as Seche Vite), it dried all my different nail art nicely and it gave my nail polish some extra pretty shine!

Holly B.

i brought a mini of this because it is quite expencive and i wanted to see if it was worth the money. dont get me wrong it is a really good top coat, it doesn't chip or anything, but i found it went kind of think, i dont no if this was just mine but i think there are better top coats out there!

Alletta F.

Pretty disappointing, considering the price, considering it's OPI, considering it says 'rapidry'. Consistency is too thick; making applying a neat, thin top coat nearly impossible. The OPI label sort of gives you some expectations, but this one simply doesn't live up to it. Don't get me wrong; once it's all set it does actually last a fair enough length of time. The problem is: it doesn't dry rapidly AT ALL. It says 5 mins to settle. I've had other top coats without the 'rapid' in their name, and they needed less than 5 minutes. You won't believe the amount of ruined manicures I've had because I needed to go to the bathroom 20-30 minutes after applying this 'rapidry' top coat! Definitely a bummer. But if you have forever to wait for it to properly dry, it does actually last.

MMay Y.
A disappointment.

I bought this top coat thinking, you know, it's OPI - they never go wrong. Boy was I mistaken. The formula dragged my 'almost dry' polish leaving streaks, even dragging whatever design I've meticulously drawn on. It also took a long time a dry! Rapidry? I don't think so.

After leaving it alone for a couple of months (kept in a box in a cool area), I whipped it out and it went on super thick and bubbled very badly. I absolutely hate bubbly nail polish!

Bottom line is, I highly do not recommend this top coat.