Nail Envy Original Strength


Cara Michelle W. 团队
BEST Nail Strengthener, EVER!

I swear by OPI's Original Nail Envy. It is the best and the only nail strengthener that has given me stronger nails. I have very, very thin and weak nails that constantly peel, bend, chip, and break easily. I finally took the time to do some research to find "the best nail strengthener" and I found that OPI Original Nail Envy popped up everywhere with high reviews. So, I decided to try it. Sure enough (and to my surprise), after a few applications, my nails were becoming significantly stronger and were able to grow out, without any chipping or breaking!

I apply two thin coats of Original Nail Envy under my nail polish. Some say to apply additional coats throughout the week, however, since I wear mine under my nail polish, I find that the two coats is enough to last throughout my manicure. I understand that it is more expensive than other nail strengtheners in the market, but this is the ONLY one that has worked for me and has consistently given my nails amazing results. The bottle lasts a long time and the formula stays consistent with every use. Overall, it's well worth the price if you're determined strengthen your natural nails!

Katie M.

base coat of the century. a layer in its own. alot of other base coats melt under the colour layers but you can see the effect of this work all the time it's in.contact with your nails. the different categories of nails covered by all of the nail envy range are vast so there's something to help everyone out there!

Angela D.
So far so good

Bought this yesterday and put two coats on. Have done dishes without gloves on and lots of hand washing and it doesn't peel. Nails feel harder and has a nice curve to it. Loving this stuff so far!

Jenni L.
long nails

now i bought this after having acrylic nails for a long amount of time. i used it my nails were back in tip top shape after a week.!! it also made my nails grow extremly fast which i hate. but it does what its told so i cant complain

Margaret anne  H.
Not as good as the hype
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I bought this as I had used nail extensions and gel polishes for a couple of months and my nails broke very easily. I heard this was great and would resolve my nail issues. It certainly does that and I am so happy with this product. I seen a dramatic difference from the first application. Your nail gets stronger and slightly curved as curved nails are harder to break than poker straight nails. I would definitely purchase a new one of these. I use this as my base coat for any nail polishes and it works just great.

Rhiannon H.

Has changed my nails! They were dry, peeling and weak. Now when I use Nail Envy regularly they are stronger and grow longer without breaks and tears. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Kathleen A.

After having shellac done, followed by me applying fake nails shortly after, my nails were in terrible condition. They were peeling and incredibly soft. I saw a lot of reviews saying it was amazing but wasn't completely convinced. But trust me when I say this product is worth every dollar! My only advice is to be patient and follow the steps and I guarantee you that your nails health will be restored. Also keep up your nail care routine on top of it. I usually remove it and reapply immediately if it is looking slightly flaky, rather than applying layers on top, but that is just me. Do yourself a favor and get this as soon as possible. It is something you will keep buying!

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Shannon R.
Works FAST, worth the money

I have very weak nails that bend/chip/break/flake on a normal basis. After 1 application of nail envy I saw a difference. I now use it whenever I don't have nail polish on and apply 2 coats every other day. It's pricy but WORTH IT. love love love love

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Charis R.
Love it !

Orderd this online and it was pretty expensive ( but OPI is ) and it was totally worth it ! i really love this already and iv only been using it for a while ! and cause its so expensive.. it stops me biting my nails haha ! :33

Mimi E.

I've got fairly brittle and nails, and as I work in retail they are constantly getting bashed around! I apply this to my nails every other day (or as a base under a nail polish) and it really does recover my nails! They feel lost without it, it is a MUST HAVE product. Only rated down half a star as I believe the cost is fairly extortionate