Katy Perry Collection


Eva C.
eh... not that great

I don't like teenage dream or last friday night, especially last friday night. They make it look like it's going to be an awesome glittery blue, but you can hardly tell that it is supposed to be blue when you put it on! I like the black shatter, but it dries out, and gets these annoying little lumps in the bottle, none of which are a result of not shutting the bottle tightly. I love the duochrome on Not Like The Movies, and I also Like The One That Got Away

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Megan P.
I wish I had these!

I'm a total katy kat and when i saw these colours I went insane! Teenage Dream is my favourite although all the colours are awesome!:) I SO want these!!

Karla M.
Best OPI Collection Ever!

The variation in this collection is amazing! I've never even SEEN these colors before the Katy Perry and OPI collaboration. Katy is one of my favorite artists. Last Friday Night is my obsession between the five. I'm not a fan of shatters so I don't use it as much. The colors are very durable, using OPI's Drip-Dry method ( because i'm on the go most of the time ) it's worth it's cost, I recommend this collection, 5 STARS, of course!

JoJo B.
Katy Perry collection rocks!

I love Katy Perry and I loved this collection! My favourite is 'Teenage Dream'. Whenever I wear it I get complemented on my nails and often my clients pick it as their choice of polish. I've just ran out so need to get some more quick!

Tanya L.

I came across these one day when I was at the hair salon and I fell in love immediatly. The blue glitter one is my favorite. It's better as a glitter top coat, versus a base color. I had to buy doubles of each of these when I saw them so I didn't run out. Don't care for OPI as a brand, but the colors are great!!!!

Maddy M.
California Dreams!

I love this collection! I bought all of the colors and they're all awesome. "Teenage Dream" is my favorite of the collection, it looks fabulous layered over a light pink polish and my second favorite, "Last Friday Night", looks sick over black, blue or navy polish. "Not Like The Movies" requires about 3 layers to become opaque but is pretty once you get there, and I love "The One That Got Away" and the Black Shatter is interesting but hasn't grown on me yet.

jen s.
Not like the Movies

My favorite of this collection is Not like the Movies. It has a gunmetal finish, and under black shatter it looks amazing! It has a duochrome look, colors ranging from green to purple. I have received many compliments while wearing this manicure.

Holly B.
This collection is ok!

I got all of the polishs from the collection from trade secrets and some of them i really like and others not so much. i am not really a fan of Last Friday Night, this is because Its really just a blue glittery top coat and has no actual colour to it. how ever many coats you apply it will never have an actual colour.

next is, Teenage Dream, I like this one a bit more but not by much. It is a really glittery pink polish but the only real problem i had with this polish is i found that it didnt dry that fast really. if your willing to wait then i recommend this polish because it is pretty.

Not Like The Movies is one of my favourite polish, the colour is a silver but in some lights it shines pink and in different light it shines slightly green. This is super pretty and i think would suit any skin tone.

The One That Got Away is also a really pretty colour but i dont think that this matches my skin tone very well but it is good quality and i recommend this!

Natascha C.
Glitter without being childish

I don't own the entire collection but I have the black cracking polish and Teenage Dream. Both of them are my most worn nailpolishes. I don't like combining TD with the cracking polish. I fiend it dulls the pink sparkle. TD is one of the fewglitterpolishes I've ever tried that actualy covers. It's also very wearable and not childish. It is difficult to remove but so are all glitterpolishes. The cracking polish gives an edgy effect that can be cute or rockerchique :-) Put it on top of a pastpolish and it looks like cut easter eggs. put it on top of a duochrome or ppurple polish and it looks edgy. I'm not bored with it yet!

Andrea H.
OPI can do better

I only have like one of them which is 'last friday night' (blue sparkly) and i really can't believe how many trips to cosmoprof, and beauty lab i made for this. -___- i wanted the amazing blue that it looks like in the bottle. when you put it on you can hardly tell. It's good for gradient, but alone i'm sure i'd need like 5 coats. They're adorable but eh. could be better I know OPI can do better