Nail Colour


Sandra P.

very cute nail polish...girly for someone that loves first time buying it and i love it ! a must have for the summer stands out..look really nice...very satisfide with the product...brand has lots if unique cute colors

Amelia M.
Love the colors!

I got a mini set of about 10-20 colors. So far I have tried the Break a leg warmer and I loved it. I can't wait to try the other colors in the pack. I am so happy I got this for Christmas. The colors are just so pretty and I love them. I wish they came in bigger bottles though. Other than that it as fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone with a passion for nail polish.

Rebecca  V.

I had like ten of these! But, I love them and the colors available....I frequently paint my nails and I love nail art, but these didn't last long for me, and they start to get clumpy and thick when you run out!

Anthony S.
Perfect for a neutral mani

I was looking for a beige colour for a nude mani I saw on tumblr. When I went to sephora there were three colouyrs similar to this one. Each was a shade darker or lighter. I love that because, not every shade looks good with a certain skin tone. The polish needs to be shaken up quite a bit because, its so thin. But it's lasted me a few weeks with only minor signs of chipping.

Maureen S.

I've always loved OPI polishes more than other polishes out there on the market. Despite the higher price point, OPI polish is fast-drying and long-lasting--well worth the extra bucks in my opinion! That, and they have a fantastic line of colors available both seasonally and regularly. I'm a sucker for their special lines, like the country ones they put out a few years ago.

But I digress.

From the moment I saw the sample bottle of Mermaid to Order at my local Sephora, I knew I had to get this polish. I even went so far as to order it offline while in the store, since the store was sold out. And I have not been disappointed. Like all OPI polishes, this one stands up to a lot of wear. The color is also fantastic! It blends light and dark teal metallic colors, which makes the polish easier to match to other make ups, accessories, or clothing. That quality also makes it so that the color changes in different lights, which is fun.

Despite this being a more summery color, you can expect me to be wearing this polish until late into the winter!

Maya K.
Love these!!!!

I love the color selection, I have purchased tons of these babies. They look beautiful, everyone needs to own one of these!! Sephora OPI and Essie nail polish are my favoritesss!!

Alexis R.

I love the Sephora by OPI collection! Out of the dozens of nail polishes I've used this is my favorite line! I've found that while the polishes have varying consistencies they are all long-lasting, chip-resistant, and wonderfully pigmented . There are so many beautiful shades to choose from too! My absolute favorite nail polish color is Never Enough Shoes :)

Molly B.

I have a few of these and I love them. They're not sheer at all. They have a great texture and are easy to apply. The brush is perfect and makes it easy to apply too. I really like these nail polishes.

Robyn S.
Love in a bottle
Photo of product included with review by Robyn S.

I love love love Sephora by OPI! I find it flexible and easy to apply! There is usually no chipping with this product. If anything, I get tired of the color before it starts to show any wear! I do believe using the base coat and top coat really help! This color is my absolute favorite! It is a deep red-black that works well with any outfit.

Nadia N.

I always loved opi and the opi for sephora is definitely the best. This is most opaque polishes I have ever used. The polishes dry very quickly and you only need 2 coats. They have a crazy amount of colors and finishes.