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Nail Colour Remover


Melissa P.
Never using another nail polish remover

I'm obsessed. I've been in the habit lately of changing my nail color every week, and toenail color every two weeks. The big problem with that was that my regular, drugstore brand of nail polish remover was drying out my nails so bad that they were brittle and weak. I switched to this nail polish remover in hopes that it would stop the drying out that was happening every time I took my color off - and it has been absolutely amazing! My nails do not dry out at all with this stuff, color comes off completely with just a few strokes, and it smells much less harsh than typical nail polish removers smell. I LOVE it. I will honestly never use another nail polish remover again - this one is just too perfect.

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Victoria S.

Works amazing, smells good and is awesome love that it's small and purple!!!