Nail Colour Drying Drops


Shayna L.
these totally work!

I was cynical about this product, but it actually works! Don't put too much of it on your nails though, or it gets greasy and doesn't work at all. Only downside is that it's kind of expensive and runs out really quickly. I'd like a bigger bottle for my buck.

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Mari W.
It truly cuts down drying time

Every so often, I’m amazed at a product actually delivering on the promise. This is one such product. With one or two drops per nail, my polish actually dries in a fraction of a time. Due to the cost, I don’t use the product every time I do my nails. I still go through the product in a remarkably fast time. Keep a sanitized standard dropper around if you decide to purchase it. You’ll need it to get the last quarter of the bottle as the dropper can’t reach all of the parts.