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One N Only

Argan Oil Hairspray


Komal D.
Goddess Hair

So I have really curly hair. I mean ridiculously curly hair. And most of the time there is a constant battle between my hair and me. But I recently started using this spray for my styling days and the difference I have seen is absolutely incredible. I saw a difference after the first time using it. A lot of hairsprays I have used in the past leave my hair feeling really stiff and like sticks. But this spray has my hair feeling bouncy and light. Which is absolutely phenomenal considering that it also keeps my curls bouncy and defined. All I have to do is spray and scrunch. Depending on what kind of hair you have, you may want to spray the bottom of your hair, near the nape of the neck as well. I have a lot of baby hairs there so the spray keeps them under control. With this spray, I can also spray my comb and comb down fly aways without having to spray my whole head, and the hair stays where I want it to. The great thing about this hair spray is that it has a good hold on your hair but also allows your hair to have a really great flow to it. Goodbye to the disgusting frizzy mane that I have some days, and hello to hair that is fit for a Greek goddess!