Discovery Set


Rosalind D S. Team
Great Travel Set!

I bought this for traveling, you've got makeup remover, cleansing foam, toner, moisturizer and cleaning mask. Basically everything you need when you're traveling. First impression, the first time I used this set was on the plane to China. My skin barely breaks out, but being on a plane breaks me out every time. It was a 10 hour flight, I washed my face with the foam then sprayed on the Hungary mist, put on a lot of moisturizer then went to sleep. 4 hours before landing, I did the same thing again, but this only using water to clean my face. After I landed, I was surprised that my skin did not break out at all!! However, I still couldn't believe it. Maybe I was just lucky. So I tested it again when I went back to the US. Still didn't get any break out. Holy moly, I'm now a fan. The cleansing mask cleans deeply without irritate my skin, cleansing balm is good too. But I personally prefer to use Bioderma more. Also got their lip balm, which is absolutely amazing. Beautylish should get that too! 第一次使用这个套装实在长途飞机上。我平时一般不会长痘,胆每次坐飞机都会发过敏疹子或者长两颗痘。那次用了这个套装,皮肤居然一点都没有干燥或者异样。很稳定很稳定!特别喜欢用这种spa线的产品,觉得效果比一般商业化的品牌好得多,成分也更良心。他们家的唇膏也超级好用!

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