Ole Henriksen

Three Little Wonders


Alicia H.
I <3 Ole

I received this trio as gratis when working for Sephora. Initially with my sensitive skin, I was hesitant to try but then (this is for real) Ole came by my desk, handed me a cookie and told me I had beautiful skin. Now, for anyone who has seen Ole in interviews or even met him in person...the man has a certain something about him. Charismatic and passionate about his brand and spas. If my skin was in a "beautiful" state I would believe him...why would Ole lie to me??? (I truly think he couldn't ever tell a lie if he wanted to). So I gave it a shot. I'm a cautious person so I tried each one individually in case I had a reaction. But no - it was weeks later when I used all three as they are supposed to work - in harmony that the true magic happened. Ole, I love you.