Ole Henriksen

Sheer Transformation


Jacqlyn W.
Great product.

I got this on my birthday along with a few other products. I had moderate pigmentation issues when I began using this. After using this my skin was flawless of discoloration. The only reason I stopped using it was because I started breaking out again and didn't want to keep trying to get rid of my scars because it would be a pointless cycle. When my skin is calm again I will repurchase. This cream is also very thick and has a light scent that I adore.

Jennifer S.
Great to use in your late 20s!

I've recently been using this moisturizer and I have to say that it really works! My skin looks more evenly toned, and luminous. It moisturizes without leaving the face feeling greasy, and it feels amazing on the skin. Its a bit pricy, but its completely worth it.

Mimi E.

This is by far one of my favorite moisturizers! Even though my skin type is dry I don't like thick moisturizers even though I want the hydration, this moisturizer is the perfect consistency. I also love using it on all my clients while prepping their skin. Makeup goes on so smoothly and beautiful every time I use this product and they fall in love with it! You immediately feel softness to your skin and overtime you'll see your skin appear brighter and glowing!

Nadia N.
didn't see anything

I got this in a kit and I thought it would moisturize. It did but then it didn't. It also didn't show any results on my skin. The product took quite a bit of time to sink into my skin compared to even thicker moisturizers. I really don't understand what this product is supposed to do. If it doesn't really moisturize and just sits on top of your skin.