Micro Sculpting Cream


MarYse S.
good but...

I have to say that the price is good, the reslults are good but can't say its the best. First, I doubted this product because of the strong perfume smell but as I'm using it day by day I have noticed that my skin as improve a little: pores seem smaller. But, I also noticed by the time noon hits my skin is a lot more oily than usual so I'm kind of on the fence with this product not sure if I will go for another buy!

Davia G.
Great Budget Friendly Cream

I can say that for me this cream is fantastic.. A little dab of this pleasant smelling, silky, creamy moisturizer and I make sure to share it with all of my friends! I do not feel like this cream is greasy.. I have noticed that benefits keep mounting as I am continuing to use this twice a day!

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Angela W.
Ain't no La Mer.

So the commercials put on by Olay will have you thinking this product is just as good as La Mer. Not so much. While it IS a nice nightime treatment it's a bit filmy once it has a chance to dry (if I rub my cheeks after I apply it just rolls off)... So clearly it's not being fully absorbed. It almost feels like it has a silicone in it or something but I don't see that listed on the ingredients. Maybe I'm just putting too much on?? Can't say I've never been guitly of over-indulging in my products... *bats eyelashes*