Body Wash plus Spa Exfoliating Ribbons


Dinah D.

I've tried the purple, pink, blue, and gold and they're ALL amazing products! Love, love, love this body wash I have to say that for those who haven't tried it should. It leaves your skin super soft, *doesn't* dry your skin out like most soaps do (it actually moisturizes, which is a nice change) and they smell amazing. What more could you ask for in a soap?

Angel C.

Though this is not the exact one that I use (I use the purple one), this has got to be one of the best body washes on the market right now! I absolutely adore it. It has a thicker consistency than most body washes, so you know you're paying more for product and less for just water. A little goes a long way too. I just dollpp a little bit onto my body puff and washes my whole body. You can tell just from the lather that it's extremely moisturizing. It's like washing your body with silk! After you rinse it off your skin feels BEYOND smooth, and it lasts long after your shower. This is just amazing body wash!

Jacquelyn J.

Love this body wash! I love how it softens your skin the shower and gentle enough to use for everyday. I'm going to buy another one sometime soon!

Aniko F.
This Body Wash Rocks

So I love OLAY products, but I had never tried their body wash before this one. I must say it makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized after I use it. It doesn't have an overwhelming girly perfum smell either since my husband like to use it too! (Haha) I only buy this one now!

Christina L.

I forgot which one I bought, but it was purple, so I'm guessing it was lavender? Anyway, it smelled incredible! I loved smelling it in the shower. It left my skin feeling moisturized, silky, smooth and renewed. The smell didn't last long, but I find that no body wash allows the smell to last....none I have tried at least. All in all, I would repurchase.

Myrna P.

I bought this several times..I like to try different products but this one did not leave a lasting impression. It made me feel extra soft but a lot of soaps do that for me. I just dont really get what the big deal is. I like Dove a lot better

Selina T.

Not as great as I thought it would be, but I still buy it once in awhile if I want to change up my body wash. It smells nice and it's really creamy and makes my skin soft. it would be a body wash I'd use in the winter when I have really dry skin.

Rebecca C.

I didn't really see much of a difference in my skin after i got out of the shower. It felt great when i was using it in the shower but the lasting effects are not great. The exfolients did not do much either, and the smell was not very nice.

Jessica C.

its really not any different from any other body wash to be honest. and the "ribbon" part is a little harder to dissolve in water and it feels like its still sitting on ym skin after i wash it off