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Lip Tar: Stained Gloss

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Bonnie R.
gorgeous color with staying power

This is a light lilac with strong shimmer. Perfect for a night out or with a summer dress. Not as drying as the matte lip tars, but just as much pigment and staying power. I've picked up Concubine as well for a nice neutral day look.

buddi x.
Can't ask for more in a gloss.
Photo of product included with review by buddi x.

Don't you just hate when a gloss makes your lips feel super tacky? The OCC stained gloss is the exact opposite. Not only does it apply like a wet dream but it sits on your lips forever without having to reapply constantly throughout the day/night. Very impressed with the formula too! All you need is the slightest bead of gloss like their signature liptar for the most pigmented and hydrating application I've yet to see in other brands; which saves a lot of $ down the line! Pictured is the Concubine stained gloss lined with OCC's Sybil for my new favorite nude lip combination.

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Kenna  S.
Very cute and neutral!

This shade is wonderful! Very pinky/coral with a little nude. Gorgeous color! Contrary to popular belief, you need like, the size if a grain of rice to cover your whole lips! Love! Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎

Ashli W.

I love this OCC's stained gloss, it has a minty smile and a soothing affect. I love the color it has the right amount of pigmentation not to bright but not so sheer that you can't tell which color it is. I will be purchasing more OCC's lip tar in the future.

Bailey B.

As someone who watches a ton of Youtube tutorials, I always seem to notice and watch videos where these lovely ladies and gentlemen have glossy, pigmented lips. Nonetheless, they are always wearing OCC's Lip Tar: Stained Gloss. Rushing to my Sephora (which does not have a ample supply of OCC products to begin with, let alone this new collection) I picked up Rhythm Box. They didn't disappoint. Like the name says, they stain your lips. This is a fail safe method encase you're one to lick lip products off, or are a fan of greasy foods that are not friendly toward lipstick/glosses. Highly pigmented and glossy, people will stop you and ask you, "What have you got on your lips?!" I can guarantee it. Yet again, bravo OCC! Xx

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Elana S.
Stained glossgasm!

Well ever since i heard about these babies going on the market i was head over heels. Occ lip product, supposed to look like stained glass?! YES PLEASE. So im just testing it out still, but i loove it. Great color, as always a little goes a loong way. And its perfectt for summer and the beach. Ive been wanting to try it over lip tar, im curious as how it will look on top of feathered especially. Everyone try it out! Its a musthave for summer.!

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