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Lip Tar / RTW

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Emily H.
Photo of product included with review by Emily H.

Instantly fell in love with this color! Long lasting and the color is beautiful. Technopagan is constantly sold out and there is a reason for that. The texture is perfect.

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Jill B.
Better than the tubes

I love OCC lip tars but was never a huge fan of the tubes. The RTW wand application works much better for me. I apply a small amount with the wand and then use my own brush to complete my lips with more precision. The colors are intense, opaque and last a really long time. The product dries my lips out a little after a few hours, but I then apply a little gloss on top and that gives me another couple of hours of wear. Really unique and great product.

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Jeff F.
Obessive versatility!!

I'm a hair/makeup artist and think these pigmented lip tars are so versatile. You can dab on with a finger for a natural, casual look or use a lip pencil to line lips and apply lip tar with a lip brush, blot, re-apply for a very long lasting look. This pale, baby pink is perfect for day or night.

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Gwen M.
Photo of product included with review by Gwen M.

I got this as a present and at the beginning I was like "Hmmm, LIP TAR? Not sure", since I'm lately all about liquid lipsticks. I gotta say, this product in particular has the exact pigmentation and coverage of a liquid lipstick but with a none drying formula, doesn't feel sticky or tacky on the lips, which i think it makes em' the perfect product for those who love the "juicy lips" look without the poor/sheer coverage of a gloss. This color is INTENSE AND BRIGHT AS F%&$! Stands out completly from my other "purples" in my collection. This brand offers pretty edgy shades which I think it's amazing for us who fancy more of a fierce/alternative look. Can fully recommend it. Definitely buying myself a couple more of these! <3

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Bess M.

I'm so happy with the new packaging! The wand is a big improvement and makes application so much easier. I own this in several colors and notice that OCC is particularly skilled in creating dark, vampy shades. They seem to know exactly how to balance the tones so that a color is universally flattering, no matter how outlandish it might seem in the tube. This is no small feat, and it's one of the many reasons I consistently purchase OCC products. One caveat: this will cling to dryness (like most other long-lasting products), so exfoliate and moisturize well before applying.

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OnDeane J.
Sexy Vamp

I have Black Dahlia and I absolutely LOVE IT. I wrote it for like a week straight. I just ordered Black Metal Dahlia and I'm sure I'll absolutely love that. They are very pigmented and things can go far left if you're not careful. Be sure to moisturize your lips VERY WELL prior and after use.

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Crystal C.
long lasting

Last long, super pigmented, and a little matte. I have Lydia but as soon as Lydia wore off a couple of hours later it left a bright pink tint to my lips, which I absolutely love it.

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Maria R.
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I been looking for a lipstick in this color for a long time, and I am so happy to finally have found it. This a lavender beige color. The texture is smooth,creamy and not to thick. It wears very comfortable on the lips. This is my first buy from OCC but I don't see it being my last.

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Amethyst J.

This shade is really beautiful on dark skin, on light skin tones is pretty as well, but not as pretty as it looks on dark skin, i wish there was a matte lipstick on this shade but overall really really pigmented and feels very nice on the lips 👏🏻👏🏻

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Claudia M.
My precious! LOL

:D I'm super happy!! I do, however, see that I will be needing the primer for it to stay on longer. That's okay though! I'm still giddy!

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