Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Lip Tar Primer


Amanda J.
Great product

Helps even the most drying of liquid lipsticks sit well on the lips. Providers much needed moisture and TLC to your lips while you make them look pretty

Melanie H.
Lip Conditioner maybe

Feels great and works nicely as a lip conditioner but made no significant difference in lip color longevity--put on at 7:30 a.m. and by 1:00 the wear results were same as before using this product. Perhaps I had over inflated expectations.....

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Alexandra R.
Best Primer

At first I didnt want to buy an 18 dollar lip product because I use the EOS lipbalm. I finally convinced myself to treat myself to something nicer so I headed to my local Sephora at the JCPenny and go my self the primer. I use the mini lip tars by OCCespecially the matte colors. I was a bit dissapointed when I bought the mattes because they werent matte at all but when I bought the primer they actually looked matte. With this primer my look actually lasted all day and it didnt not fade away at. It didnt leave my lips feeling sticky like most glosses or primers. I am extermely happy with my purchase and I totally reccomend this product. I rather spend over 10 dollars on an amazing moisturizer rather than 4 dollars on an ok balm. It is worth the buy.

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Paris J.
The Perf Primer!

I was a little skeptical about using Lip Tar without a primer, so I was SUPER relieved to find they had one. Lip Tar is perf, not only because it's vegan, but because their colors are outrageously fun. This primer kept everything on, and my lip tar wear lasted about 4 hours (until I removed it). I am really happy with this product, and I would def recommend it as a primer for other lip pigment as well.

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Deanne C.
It works!

This actually works as a great primer AND lip balm. Every lipstick I've tried, (not only OCC,) has lasted longer with, than without. Stays pretty well through eating non-greasy foods too. Give it a try!

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Lauren T.

For the longest time I avoided buying this because I was convinced that my Chapstick was enough to hydrate my lips before application but honestly I really did see a difference in how my lip tars applied and stayed on with this, A+! On its own this makes my lips feel tooooo good and hydrated 😻👌

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