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Lip Balm Duo: Tarred & Feathered

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Ashley C. Team

First of all, OCC lip tars are by far my favorite lip products! I was excited to try this lip balm because the lip tars are a little drying on the lips. It's hydrating and does let you lighten or darken the colors a little bit, but you have to let it dry between layers so it won't bleed through the lip tar. Definitely recommend if you want to play with the shades a little bit.

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Amanda C.
Actually works!

I was skeptical about this product but OCC is a great brand and I LOVE their other lip stuff so I decided to give it a try and it works. The black made my lip color a little darker and the white lightened my lip color. You can even do layers to make it as dark or light as you would like.if worn alone the black darkens your natural lip color and the white gives you more of a pastel lip and the Duo is over moisturizing! I LOVE it!

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Larissa D.
Very interesting

Ok so I was very skeptical of this product,the white is supposed to make any lipstick lighter, which the white works very well! The black is supposed make lipstick darker but honestly sometimes the black peeks through

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Rose H.
Texture was off

Maybe I got a bad one? The white was like a sheer gloss and was ok, but didn't lighten lipsticks unless you used a lot of it. The black was dry and clumpy and awful. Overall, not a fan.

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