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Crème Colour Concentrate


buddi x.
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Where can I start? Okay a product that you can use as a blush, highlight, foundation, lip color, eye color, ... basically where you want color you put it on, (with exception to placement of some shades). These creams are so luscious and pigmented they just glide on the skin like butter, love it. They come in an impressive variety of shades and finishes. Two shades I really enjoy for highlighting are Pleasure Model and Icarus. Something to note when placing the colors on the eyes as a base is they tend to crease a bit; but later found they tend to stay better with a light layer of translucent powder on the lid. $23 for 0.3 oz of product really is great when you think of how much you can do with the product as well as how long before you have to depart with the product. All-in-all I'm soooo glad Beautylish carries these; should have the complete set in no time ;)

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Shelly T.
A very versatile shade (John Doe)

John Doe is an extremely versatile shade among the Creme Colour Concentrates. You can use it as an eyeshadow base (use an eyeshadow primer or some translucent powder if you do), as a quick natural wash of colour across the lid, and -- if you've got fair to light skin -- you can use it for contouring. (Contouring is my prefered use of this colour.) Great pigmentation, easy to apply and blend.

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Rachel M.
Opaque and blendable
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I love the OCC cream eyeshadows. They are super opaque, bright and blend easily. They can crease if not set with powder or eyeshadow. I have one in Vice which is pure white and works great as an eyeshadow base. Because it is stark white and pigmented it brightens the eyeshadows I layer on top of it. Very similar to the NYX eye pencil in milk but creamier. I want to get more colors!

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Amethyst J.

This shade is so pretty as a lip color, and it feels so good beacause is not as creamy as the OCC lip tars, but at least for me, i had to use a really bright white eyeshadow underneath the blue so it really sticks on my leads, but overall is a really beautiful shade. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Mandy C.
The best contour color ever!!

I have tried so many contour creams in my life & none look or work so good like this. I'm not pale & this color works great on me!! Not muddy or dirty at all. Super creamy & bendable!! It's flawless. It's a great cool light taupe grey ish color. Perfect for creating that shadow!! This isn't warm at all!! Which it shouldn't be for contouring. If ur looking for a warm one. Try trick instead. The color is even better in person. I haven't put this down since the day I received this!! I have light medium olive skin tone. I'm not pale and not real tan either right now. It looks just fine. It's gonna be great for pale skin for sure. But being a bit darker. Yes girls we can rock this one also;)

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Victoria H.

I've been going through a cream stage lately and trying a bunch of new cream products out and I figured I would give this a try because I've only ever contoured with powders. I really, really love this. The color is perfect for me and I have extremely light skin so sometimes products that I intend to use for contouring can be kind of intimidating. The texture is very creamy and it blends very nicely. I squish my beauty blender together and hollow out my cheeks with this or I use my Itahake brush when I want to get really precise. I like that I can also use this as an eye shadow as well. They have lots of colors too and some of them are good for blush and lips as well. Not sure I'd use this color as a blush or lip stick but it's cool that you can :)

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Theresa Z.

I originally got this so I could color-correct my under-eye dark circles. And at first, the color is exactly as it is in the pan: light orange. But after a few uses, the product turns more and more pink, which is very odd. So instead of color-correcting, I just use it for blush. Still a great product!

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Alexandra  B.
amazing but not for beginners

I love it! sooo pigmented. I love it as a blush, lip color, and a wash of color over the eyes if I'm doing a coral eye look. it stays on all day. kind of difficult to use, so I wouldn't recommend beginners.

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Angela B.
Same texture as concealer, Very elegant texture.

I bought this to color correct my Y4 occ concealer because I thought it would be too golden. Turns out it has perfect olive yellow undertones, so I"m repuposing this. The texture is quite creamy but doesn't go on as if it's oily. It sheers out well. If you want to wear it as an eyeshadow base you can, but it HAS to be set to not crease.

What's cool about this cream is how nicely it sheers out. I can add a nice even tint of green to my whole face OR paint it on to be completely opaque. It also mixes well with other concealers.

Definitely an elegant product.