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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Brush #006: Short Shader Brush

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Zunnahzuthousand K.
My Favorite brand of brushes

Let me just start off by saying that I'm a brush fiend; I probably have around 100 brushes, ranging from Crown Brush, to Sigma, to MAC, to Inglot, to OCC, and various other brand-less brushes. OCC is by far my favorite. Synthetic, soft, uncommon shapes, and a nice, sturdy handle. Additionally, they have never shed on me-- and when I say never, I don't mean like, "Oh maybe one or two hairs, but I'm just going to hyperbolize and say that they've never shed." I mean-- literally-- never. Also, as a side note, when I went to OCC's New York shop, the normal sales-girl was out sick, so the creative director helped me; he was so incredibly sweet and genuine-- he gave me his honest opinion of product, even if it risked a sale. I wanted to add this to my review only to speak for the brand's real persona. I highly recommend these brushes and the brand, as both of them hold a special place in the "OH MY GOD I LOVE BRUSHES AND OCC" sector of my heart. :)

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