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Julia F.
Kind of disappointing.

I bought this palette when it first came out because I love doing smokey eye looks, and it was under $20. All of the eye shadows are pretty. The quality of the eye shadows are okay, but I wish the pigmentation was better when applied to the eye. I'm not a blush person, but the blush is fine. The lighter blush doesn't show up on my skin and the brighter blush is full of sparkle, and is just not something I would put on my face, especially with a smokey eye look. I would have put 2 bronzers in the palette instead because you need to warm up your face after putting such dark colors on your eyes. I liked the lip glosses. The thing that I dislike the most about this palette is the way that it is designed. It snaps shut like a book, so it's just common sense that the fallout from the shadows are going to eventually fall into the lip glosses, which it did so I don't really want to use the lip glosses anymore, and the palette just overall becomes messy.